Upcoming Exhibition: Falling Blue / by Helena Starcevic

Once in place, the site specific installation “Falling Blue” will consist of over 80 ceramic pieces hanging in suspension.  


“Falling Blue” developed out of my recent concentration on composite pieces, where various-sized components are attached to form a larger sculpture. In “Falling Blue” the 50+ components, cast from 8 original forms are not attached but hang freely, creating a different dialogue.  I am interested in how individuals participate with the larger community whilemaintaining their own distinct identities.  Here they hang individually in space while still being a part of the larger experience.”  


The Installation will be at the Thomas Hunter Project Room, Hunter College from May 7 to May 22nd 2014. The opening reception will be Friday May 9th, 6-8pm.


Thomas Hunter Project Room is located on the lower level of the Thomas Hunter building on Lexington Ave. between 68th. and 69th Streets.


Visitors will need to get a "guest pass" from the main entrance (next to the enormous black cube) at Hunter College on the corner of 68th St. and Lexington Ave. You may then use any entrance to reach the Thomas Hunter Project Space, located in the basement of the Thomas Hunter Building.